Robert Lynch

Managing Director

Is a huge music fan, a lover of 80s & 90s R&B. Supports Liverpool FC and being born in the 70’s he remember when they actually won something! However, at this time in his life, he is really trying to get his golf handicap down from 24.

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Barbara Lynch


Married to the MD, which is a tough job in itself. They have three lovely boys, and like most women she love clothes shopping and holidays, one of the perks of being married to the Boss!

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Andrew North


His Greek/Welsh heritage has given Andrew a keen sense of humour, which might explain why he claims his interest in sport is derived from his prowess as a youth.

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Tristan Lennox-Gentle

Director of Insurance

Known for using 100 words when five will do, Tristan is an Excel geek and family man who loves travel, wine and cars.

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Abby Thynne

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Loves her family, friends and having fun.

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Montrose Bill

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Monty loves everything old school (most old people do) He is an avid sports fan and a collector of trainers, 35 pairs and counting!

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James Pearce

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Loves watching live music with his beautiful girlfriend.  Has more hair on his face than his head, is never seen out of his Dr.Martens and known for his enthusiasm and laugh.

01438 870725

Anmol Paul

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Gym going foodie who loves to jet-set and enjoys the occasional sky-dive .

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Paula Storey

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Described as professional, knowledgable and knowing her stuff, Paula loves speaking to clients to understand their personal needs. She lives life to the full and goes as often as she can with family to her favourite place Tenerife - where she plans to retire!

01438 730211

Caroline McShane

Insurance Claims Handler

Caroline lives for holidays and would love to eventually travel the world! She likes socialising with close friends, drinking cocktails and spending time with her fiancé. 

01438 730214

James Brooke

IFA Customer Support

As a member of the local gym he likes to look after himself. Currently play football for Knebworth FC, but says this is just to get time away from the Mrs. 

01438 870726

Trudy Laing

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Trudy is a lover of posh gin, swimming and Louis Theroux documentaries. 

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Barry Morton

Accounts Manager

A keen runner and cyclist. Likes badgers, cheese and spreadsheets.

01438 870723

David Friend

Accounts Support

Is a big movie and football fan, can generally be found around the office talking football to somebody!

01438 870709

Alanna Aldridge

Compliance Officer

Likes cooking exotic foods and reading, and her favourite book is the ICOBS handbook!

01438 870734

Gianni Brancazio

Head of Marketing and Sales Generation

Proud Welshman (yes, really) but he prefers the food from the Italian side of the family. Gianni likes photography and dislikes how easily his young daughter outsmarts him.

01438 870731

Stephen Hartshorne

Specialist Insurance Adviser

Stephen hates being late and is always early. He loves cooking and often bakes for the office, he was crowned last year’s star baker.

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Emma Ellwood

Head of Support

Nicknamed Mary Poppins for getting stuff done. Emma's favourite sport is F1 and would love to go to another grand prix. She also enjoy cooking or baking, and is even happier if she has her music on.

01438 730210

Juan Cowell

IT Manager

Married dad of three beautiful children ( he's not biased at all!) who enjoys photography and racing of the four-wheeled variety.

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