Group Protection

Protect and reassure your employees, colleagues and their loved ones by offering a range of protection products.

Group Protection

​Group Life Insurance  

Employers are able to offer a group scheme to their employees using a fixed lump-sum given by the insurer, to ease the financial burden at a difficult time. It allows you to pay the family a tax-free lump sum upon death of the employee. This allows their loved ones to continue to pay school fees, the mortgage (residential or commercial), clear debts, or cover funeral costs.

Group Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for employees and colleagues provides a tax-free, cash payment if the employee is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses stated in the policy. These will vary by policy, but typically include 50+ illnesses, with cancer, stroke, heart attack, MS and Alzheimer’s being the top five illnesses claimed-for, included.

Many insurers now offer additional payments for less severe conditions, such as stress/depression, and pregnancy-related illnesses, as these do not affect the main cover.

The money paid out can be used to make life easier, allowing the policyholder to focus on getting better sooner. It could be put towards medical treatment, mortgage, rent, household bills, adjustments to a home, or buying a suitable vehicle.

Cover can be purchased as a stand-alone policy, or added to other protection policies (such as Life Insurance) to enhance the benefits. Children are usually covered under the plans free of charge.

Group Income Protection

Being unable to work can have many serious effects, not least loss of income.

Group Income Protection Insurance pays up to 80% of the policyholder’s gross salary if they are unable to work through sickness or an accident. This is around 20% more than an individual policy.

The benefits are paid to the employer to pay the employee, providing a regular income, giving peace of mind to them and their family at a difficult time.

The payment continues until they return to work, or retire (whichever comes sooner). If the policyholder returns to work in a reduced capacity, the policy will pay out at a reduced level.

As long as the premiums are maintained, cover is guaranteed for the duration of the plan, meaning claims can be made as many times as required.

A group scheme is a cheaper alternative than individual cover, pays out more in the event of a claim, and can be used to provide a sick pay scheme to your employees.

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