Bald Ambition – Scott goes under the clippers for charity

Bald Ambition – Scott goes under the clippers for charity

Written by Gianni Brancazio, Senior Marketing Manager

Appointment Booker Scott Norman assumed Friday would be a normal business day speaking to customers and arranging appointments for them with MIAB’s specialist advisers to discuss insurance needs.

But as it was Children in Need and Friday the 13th it was anything other than business as usual. Following a suggestion from his Line Manager, Paul McMillan, Scott agreed to an unusual request.

Scott takes a huge amount of pride in his hair and agreed that if we can raise enough money he would shave it off”, said Paul.

With colleagues chipping in and looking on, Scott took to the chair and Craig from local barbers, Boys2Men, shaved off the locks.

Raising over £200 for the charity, Scott said “It felt strange at first and I was a tad nervous with everyone standing around me hoping and praying it would look OK but at the end of the day as much as I love my hair it was all for a good cause. I made the choice to do it but unfortunately some children do not get that choice. I’m very glad we managed to raise over and above the £100 I originally said.

Well done, Scott, and thanks for being a good sport!

Find out more about Children in Need and how you can still donate.


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