Business Overheads Insurance ensures your business is protected during an unplanned period of absence.

Business Overheads Insurance

Protect your practice  

With today’s added pressures on clinical and practice staff, any absence can have a major effect. A principal or key clinician away for a few days or a week or two may be covered internally. However, if they had to be absent for several months, how would the business cope having to cover the overheads and additional workload needed to continue running smoothly?

Business Overheads Insurance is aimed at Opticians and designed to cover the cost of the overheads associated with absence, whether this means covering fixed business overheads such as rent and utilities, or hiring Locums, temporary staff, or even covering extra hours worked by existing team members.

Also known as Practice Overheads, Practice Expenses or Locum Insurance, the policy provides a vital safety net allowing the business to continue operating smoothly.

The policy pays the sum insured for as long as the insured person remains unable to work (up to a maximum of 52 weeks), and receipts are not always necessary for claims to be paid.

Bespoke Policies

We have a choice of schemes, all underwritten on a combination of individual absence and medical history, to allow us to recommend a plan best suited to your needs.

With certain policies some insurers will also not restrict, reduce or decline cover at renewal of Business Overheads Insurance as a result of any valid claim made under this policy or due to notification of a variation in health of an insured person.

Our expert advisers will help you choose the most suitable policy.

Whether you are a single-handed practitioner or work in a large, multi-partner practice, we have a policy to suit.

We offer a very flexible deferred period (also known as an excess period), which is the time before any benefit is paid. The longer the period, the lower the premium.