Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

MIAB held its first Family Fun Day on Saturday June 4th, bringing together staff members and their families for a day of fun, games and laughter.

Paul McMillanPaul McMillan, Specialist Insurance Adviser, describes the day:

“We arrived at a large, private area within the beautiful setting of Knebworth Barns where we were greeted with cold drinks, patio games, and party bags for the children, which contained, amongst other things, Whoopi Cushions that they (and most of the adults) found highly entertaining.

Building up an appetite with Jenga, Connect 4 and more, we were soon tucking into the delicious and plentiful BBQ before moving into the park for more games.

The first race was an adult sack race that typically involved over-competitiveness from the men - they were giving it everything!

MIAB Family Fun Day 2016  
Sack race at the MIAB Family Fun Day 2016  
Tug of War at the MIAB Family Fun Day 2016  

The children’s egg and spoon race was next and won by my son, Frankie (with ‘pushy parent’ Amy McMillan cheering him on all the way)!

There were several rounds of tug of war, which inevitably ended with somebody on their backside!

The game that lasted the longest was cricket, mainly enjoyed by the adults, with some suspect bowling action and some even worse fielding. Fortunately, and surprisingly, nobody was injured by a stray bat or ball!

The kids all got on really well, despite not meeting each other before, and spent most of their time running around the park, playing on the swings, hanging off the monkey bars, getting wet in the splash park and climbing on to every other piece of play equipment.  

On top of all the activities there was still time for us to sit down, relax and have a real laugh about nothing in particular.

Hopefully you will be able to tell by all the pictures that it genuinely was a great day. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say it was a real success and I am looking forward to the next one already!”

Rob and Barbara Lynch, MD and Director of MIAB, at the Family Fun Day 2016 MIAB Family Fun Day 2016 MIAB Family Fun Day 2016 MIAB Family Fun Day 2016
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