First Practice Management’s ‘Practice Manager Salary Survey’ is here!

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Following the success of last year’s survey that saw over a thousand responses, we are proud to once again sponsor this exciting opportunity, hosted by First Practice Management, to have a say on your pay as a practice manager.

The survey seeks to report the average salary for each region in the UK and UK-wide, a detailed bonus analysis, and how age and experience affects salaries in practice management.

Last year’s results shed light on the key differences between practice manager salaries across the UK, and the gender pay gap within the role.

We were pleased to see that overall the findings were positive, most prominently being the decrease in the pay gap between males and females which shrank from 10.18% in 2016, to 7.7% in 2017!

Further to this, the survey was able to pinpoint the highest and lowest paid salary, and how many respondents received a pay rise between 2016 and 2017.

Arguably, the most insightful information were the comments citing ongoing pressures affecting practice management. Namely, the belief that many respondents didn’t believe their pay was relative to the workload, and variety of skills and knowledge needed. Secondly, that there was little consistency in how practice manager salaries were calculated, with calls for a more structured framework to take place.

Read a more in-depth report of last year’s result.

It will be interesting to see whether this year’s survey reports a similar decrease in the gender pay gap, increase in pay as a whole, or if adequate action has taken place to improve salary calculation and frameworks - how we’ll know relies on your involvement!

Results will be published in November. So if you would like to have your say on pay, and enter the prize draw for your chance to win £300 worth of holiday vouchers*, complete the survey here.

*For a chance to win, fill in your name and email address to be entered into the prize draw. The winners will be randomly selected and contacted shortly after the survey closes. All responses will remain completely confidential.

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