MIAB data helps BBC News understand pressures on GPs

MIAB data helps BBC News understand pressures on GPs

Written by Gianni Brancazio, Senior Marketing Manager

A BBC News article published today describes the pressures GP surgeries are under.

MIAB was approached by the BBC before Christmas to support this investigation by examining our Locum Insurance claims data and provide insight into the reasons behind GP absence.

The article – English GP surgeries reach new patient ‘breaking point’ – also describes how GP practices are at “breaking point” trying to fill staff vacancies.

Dr Chaand Nagpul, chairman of the BMA’s GP committee, said “GP services are reaching breaking point as they struggle to cope with rising patient demand, falling resources and a shortage of GPs.


Claims Administrator, Hannah Wells, and Claims Manager, Liz Small, delved into our data to try to find common causes of GP absence and if they relate to the pressures affecting GPs.

Their research found that “Stress/Depression” is the third biggest GP absence category (after “Maternity” and “Bereavement”), suggesting a link between GPs own health and the pressures they’re facing.

We also discovered that “Stress/Depression” accounted for more than 10% of claims over the past five years.

BBC News

This data was used in the article and attributed to us, and included a link to our website. The story was extensively shared and commented on social media and featured across the BBC: on Radio 5 live and BBC Local Radio as well as BBC Look East.

The article had a comment by NHS England who said it is introducing a national occupational health specification, “which will ensure consistent support for GPs“.

A spokesman said: “We’re also working with others to develop new services to combat issues like stress and burnout.

MIAB Locum Insurance

The Managing Director of MIAB, Robert Lynch, said“As a leading provider of Locum Insurance to the medical sector, we were delighted to be asked to help explore these issues and support GPs and their practices.”

Visit our GP Locum Insurance page or contact us to find out more about how we provide reassurance to practices across the country when they’re faced with absences.

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