'Blown Away' with great customer service

"I totally agree that we are quick to receive and manage complaints and feed those back to drive service improvements, but unfortunately the 'good' stories tend to be fed back less often.

The service I received from Stephen has changed my whole morning! I have to be honest and say it's not often I am 'blown away' with great customer service, but I really was today!

I knew I had to sort out the query regarding an automatic Insurance cover that had been added to our telephone system by our leasing company without our knowledge and I was preparing myself for an uphim battle. I phoned MIAB and got through to Stephen who immediately know what I was talking about, and had experienced a similar situation previously, he even knew the name of the 'insurance company'.

He took control, reassured me and was a genuine pleasure to talk to! This only took a few minutes and I am extremely impressed with his attitude and professionalism. Thank you!"

- Alison Lake - Ringley Park Dental Practice