Indemnity cover after MDDUS refused to renew

"I was refused renewal of my Indemnity cover by MDDUS after  three historic periodontal negligence claims were brought against me relating to my treatment of patients between 2007-2012 . These proved costly and although these are the only claims I have ever had in 30 years of practice, I knew - having done some research - it was unlikely any of the other main indemnity providers would offer me cover. I contacted Montrose Bill and his team who were extremely helpful and managed to provide me with an affordable insurance quote considering I only work part-time. This  was substantially less than the quotes I received from other insurance providers. I am very grateful to him and his team for not only enabling me to continue in dental practice but for their quick response and reassurance throughout what was a very stressful time."

- JB, Dentist, Anonymous