Practice Insurance and Indemnity all in one place

"I have used MIAB for several years now, both for Practice Insurance and for personal Indemnity for myself and my nursing staff. My original approach to MIAB was when I was looking for an alternative to my existing Practice Insurance which I 'inherited' when I took over the practice. After initial contact with MIAB I very quickly discovered the benefits of such a friendly, personal service and was very pleasently surprised how much cheaper they were than the previous arrangements - this in no way reduced the quality of the service.

We had to claim fairly soon afterwards when we had a problem with our panoral x-ray machine which happily - happily for us - was covered under our new policy. The claim was settled swiftly and without fuss. I swapped my Indemnity to MIAB a few years ago as I felt the costs were rising and rising.

When I have recently needed advice I found the response excellent, both professional, very supportive and speedy. Similarly my nurses Indemnity has been sorted so easily - it really helps being able to pick up the phone or drop an email and know it will be sorted!"

- Anonymous