The process has been painless and easy

"As a busy Practice Manager, the headache of renewing Locum Insurance is something I've come to dread over the years.

Our renewal for this year was particularly complicated given that the Practice required a benefit driven policy which compliments the new, enhanced NHS cover, plus we have had, and anticipate further staff changes over the next 12 months.

From the initial quote stage Anmol at MIAB was extremely efficient; he assessed and understood our needs very quickly. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of our existing product (a different Locum policy from a different provider) and was able to advise me on the differences and benefits of the product he had selected for us. 

I was struck by how quick and easy Anmol made the quote process whilst still feeling that he had been very thorough and understood our needs. The quote he provided was competitive and Anmol was very happy to explain the breakdown of the different elements of total price whilst allowing me the option to review or adjust these elements to tailor the cover to our precise needs while also staying in control of the costs. 

We accepted MIAB's quote and the process from quote to policy inception has been painless and easy. Anmol was fantastic to deal with from start to finish and demonstrated a real understanding and appreciation of our time, our cover and our business. It is very much appreciated."

- Karen Wright - Newburgh Surgery