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MIAB is the approved supplier of insurance services to the LMC Buying Groups Federation

Founded in 2002, we began as a provider of Locum Insurance to GP Practices. Through innovation and development, we’ve grown quickly and expanded the range of products we offer and the sectors in which we operate.

Robert Lynch, Managing Director

At MIAB, we provide bespoke insurance and expert advice to members of the LMC BGF, offering a range of products designed to protect you, your practice and your family. Due to our sector expertise and flexibility, we can cover GP and dental practices, federations, CCGs and Out of Hours providers – so wherever you are in health care, we’re here to support you.

We’re proud to be the approved supplier of insurance services to the LMC Buying Groups Federation.

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We offer a range of products to suit your needs, including:

With so much pressure on staff, any absence can have a major effect.

Aimed at GP practices, Locum Insurance is designed to quickly and easily cover the cost of hiring a Locum to fill GP absences.

Aimed at business owners, Business Overheads Insurance is designed to cover the cost of fixed overheads, as well as hiring Locums, temporary staff or overtime by existing staff.

Running a GP practice is unlike most other businesses, with a unique set of challenges.

We’ve designed a Surgery Insurance policy covering medical, commercial, staff, liability and equipment-related risks.

Indemnity Insurance covers the cost of compensating clients and service users for loss or damage resulting from negligent services or advice provided.

We offer a range of personal and commercial indemnity and liability insurance products to protect clinicians, practice staff and the business.

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