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Business Emergency Solutions – help is a phone call away

Your practice building is constantly exposed to possible damage, and it’s not just your patients that sometimes need fast emergency treatment. Accidents happen, such as smashed windows or broken doors both of which pose a security threat or even a health and safety risk. If such an incident should happen at night, a simple call to Arag would ensure the practice is immediately made safe and secure with an emergency fix, so you don’t have to sort it out yourself in the middle of the night. This additional business emergency cover added to your practice policy, responds to unforeseen emergencies at your premises, including some that fall outside the scope of your practice insurance policy.

Issues such as blocked toilets, lost keys, drainage disasters and fly tipping are all covered. The help provided can get you back into practice swiftly and with the minimum disruption. It provides access to a helpline you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of an emergency.

After calling ARAG, an approved contractor will come to your premises and the policy will pay up to £500 for all the contractor’s expenses in relation to the emergency. The permanent repairs are also guaranteed for 12 months.

Our cover includes all the following emergencies:
• The complete breakdown of the main heating system
• Plumbing and drainage problems
• Damage which affects the security of your premises,
including locks and windows
• Breakage or failure of your customer toilet facility
• Loss of the power supply
• Lost keys
• Vermin infestation within the premises
• Removal of a fallen tree or large branch that blocks access to the premises
• Removal of fly-tipping waste.

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