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Business Interruption and Supreme Court Verdict (Update)

On 15th January 2021, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) business interruption test case. The Supreme Court’s judgement is complex and insurers have been reviewing how their policy cover may respond to claims.

Many policy wordings (including Zurich’s Practice Insurance arranged through us) were not in scope of the court proceedings; as they had already been deemed to be clear, regarding Covid-19 not being covered. Further to the Supreme Court judgment, Zurich have now clarified that no cover is in place.


This is consistent with previous updates on our website, but we do appreciate it is not the outcome many practices would have wanted.

For those clients with a practice policy arranged through us with RSA, it has also been confirmed that there is no cover in place, in almost all circumstances. However, RSA have confirmed that there may be some situations where there could have been some cover, but only where it can be demonstrated that Covid-19 manifested at the practice, prior to its closure or the imposition of restrictions. In such cases, or if you are in any doubt, please contact us at claims@miab.co.uk , or call 01438 547040

As always, please stay safe and well.

With very best wishes,

The MIAB Team

Date 08/02/2021