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Six Years With MIAB: Burley House Dental Care

“For a few years I would ring around when my renewal was due to compare quotes, but MIAB were always so competitive I don’t bother giving myself that headache anymore.
I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Dr Catherine Kershaw, Burley House Dental Care

When Catherine first insured with MIAB, in 2012, she made the decision purely on price. However, thanks to the customer service, she has renewed every year.

Praising the team, Catherine said, “All the staff I have ever spoken to in my dealings with MIAB over the years have been well informed about their product, efficient and polite.”

After their first year on cover, the practice suffered a malicious damage claim due to a broken window. Commenting on her experience of making a claim, Catherine added, “It went just as smoothly as everything else with MIAB.”

For protection for your practice and business, and support on getting back to normal should you need to make a claim, please visit our Surgery Insurance page. Alternatively, contact Abby Ingram, our Specialist Insurance Adviser on 01438 870706 or abby.thynne@miab.co.uk

When Burley House Dental Care’s Surgery Insurance comes up for renewal, Dr Catherine Kershaw doesn’t call around for quotes. Due to MIAB’s competitive quotes and excellent customer services, she doesn’t need to.