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Speedy, Expert Advice To Save The Day: Ringley Park Dental Practice

Alison called MIAB’s Surgery Insurance team to discuss insurance for equipment she leases from a third-party company. They had added an automatic insurance cover to the equipment without her knowledge, but Alison knew the equipment was covered under her MIAB policy, and that she was paying for two policies for the same items.

Expecting a long-winded battle to resolve the matter, she settled herself in for the long haul with a cup of tea, and called MIAB.

“I was dreading making the call, the thought of trying to get a third-party company to call another third-party company on your behalf – and get the result you want – is never a realistic expectation. I had prepared myself for an uphill battle.

“I phoned MIAB and got through to Stephen Hartshorne who immediately knew what I was talking about. He had experienced a similar situation and already knew the name of the insurance company. He took control, reassured me and was a genuine pleasure to talk to!”

Stephen, one of MIAB’s Specialist Insurance Advisers, quickly contacted the third-party insurer on behalf of Alison to confirm the existing cover, which meant the automatic cover could be cancelled, resolving the issue – and saving Alison money.

“I have to be honest and say its not often I am ‘blown away’ with great customer service, but I really was. This only took a few minutes and I am extremely impressed with Stephen’s attitude and professionalism. Thank you!”

“I was speechless at how quickly this was dealt with.”

Alison Lake, Ringley Park Dental Practice

For protection for your practice and business, and support on getting back to normal should you need to make a claim, please visit our Surgery Insurance page. Alternatively, contact Abby Ingram, our Specialist Insurance Adviser on 01438 870706 or abby.thynne@miab.co.uk.

Trying to resolve a case of dual insurance, Alison Lake of Ringley Park Dental Practice wasn’t looking forward to untangling the muddle. However, one call to MIAB’s expert advisers was enough to straighten things out!