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Surgery Insurance: Kingsbury Court Surgery

When Debbie Wilkins took on the new role as Practice Manager for Kingsbury Court Surgery, she carried out a small ‘tender’ exercise comparing insurance providers, and found that MIAB provided clear information and a good price, which ultimately led her to choosing MIAB over other brokers.

Unfortunately, flooding hit the area in June 2016 causing Debbie to make a claim. After an initial phone call, MIAB were able to support the Practice with fixing the damage.

“You responded very quickly by sorting this within a few days”

Debbie Wilkins, Practice Manager, Kingsbury Court Surgery

“We had a rain storm, and the sudden downpour resulted in the road outside the practice becoming flooded. The cars and lorries did not slow down when they drove past, pushing the water over the pavement and into the practice. The water saturated the carpet in the waiting area and this was then walked through the whole site by patients,” Debbie told our Customer Relationship Executive, Katherine Baterip.

Flooding can be devastating to Surgeries, as this kind of disruption can impact patients’ health and safety with potentially slippery surfaces, and the amount of time taken to resolve the issue affecting staff efficiency. Debbie explained, “we needed to have the carpet removed and the floors dried. We had the driers running overnight and weekends, [meaning] we had to set them up each evening and then pack them away each morning to ensure there were no hazards for patients.”

This was an enormous task, with time taken that would have been better spent elsewhere. Fortunately MIAB responded quickly, and once the carpet replacement quotes were sent over, terms agreed between the insurer and Debbie, and the new flooring laid, the funds were released by the insurer.

With Storm Brian, Storm Ophelia and Hurricane Gert passing over the UK in the past three months alone, it may be time to review your Surgery insurance, so if you find yourself in a similar situation you can rely on MIAB. Please visit our Surgery Insurance page now for more information.