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Locum Insurance Testimonials

Written by MIAB’s Clients

We’re delighted to share testimonials from customers about our Locum Insurance.

From New Business, Renewals and Claims, we’re thrilled that customers recognise the service our team members provide.

  • We were thrilled to receive a testimonial from Jackie Russell, Practice Manager at Rickleton Medical Centre, about the professionalism and knowledge of our Advisers
  • Parkbury House Surgery described how we saved them a substantial £1200 on their renewal
  • Tonia Fox, Practice Manager at Waterfront and Solent Surgery in Hampshire moved to MIAB for her Locum Insurance and said how happy she was with her insurance and the service she received
  • Litchdon Medical Group described their recent claims experience, impressed by the efficient and helpful way it was dealt with by MIAB
  • Practice Manager Liz Harvey told us that in her life’s experience, MIAB have been the most efficient and effective insurance company in dealing with a claim.

Our team hold themselves personally responsible for the service that they provide and the satisfaction of our customers – it’s why we give you a named member of staff when you deal with us. Every member of staff can speak knowledgeably and in plain English on the products we offer; there’s no place for jargon. Many of the team have developed professional qualifications through recognised industry bodies to affirm their capabilities.

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