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Locum Insurance: Why choose MIAB?

Written by Anmol Paul, Specialist Locum Insurance Adviser

Protect your business

With so much pressure on staff, any absence can have a major effect. A clinician, partner or senior member of staff away for a few days or a week or two may be covered internally. However, if they were absent for several months, how would the business cover their sessions?

Locum Insurance

Aimed at GP practices, Locum Insurance is designed to quickly and easily cover the cost of hiring a Locum to fill GP absences. Our innovative, new ‘Top Up’ policy blends the benefits of the NHS Sickness Reimbursement and Locum Insurance. Practices can maximise the reimbursement payments for GP sickness and accident absence but rely on Locum Insurance to cover costs over and above the £1,734.18 per week reimbursement. 


To find out more about our Locum product and what we could do for you, visit our Locum Insurance page.

Alternatively, contact our Specialist Insurance Adviser, Anmol Paul on: 01438 870733 or anmol.paul@miab.co.uk