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Whilst the NHS provides some reimbursement should a staff member be unable to work, you could still experience an alarming shortfall in cover. Remember that the NHS scheme does not cover pharmacists, practice managers, or other key staff, such as Advanced Nurse Practitioners, who could cost the practice just as much as replacing a GP. It also does not cover non-sickness-related absences, like jury service, compassionate leave, suspension or family emergency.


Looking at the stats

The average cost of a locum has risen and now ranges between £85-£150 per hour depending upon seniority.  The average hours worked by a GP in England is around 40 hours per week. Assuming an hourly locum rate of around £100/hour for example, that equates to paying out £4,000 a week for back up locum cover.

After the first two weeks of absence, practices are eligible to receive up to £1,751.52 (£1,734.18 in Wales) per week. That’s a shortfall of £2, 248 a week against average costs shown above.

A small price to pay for peace of mind

The cost of insurance to plug the shortfall is an average of just £1,737.58* per year per policy. Any amount you claim from an insurance policy will not affect your entitlement to reimbursement. We can provide a bespoke ‘combination’ scheme which will run alongside the NHS reimbursement to top up any shortfall. We can also provide cover for any other staff who you feel need to be protected in the future.

*Inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax, Advice and Administration based upon average cost of GP locum policies sold during 2021 by MIAB Stevenage.

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