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NHS Dental recruitment crisis – Overheads protection when you need it most

Written by MIAB’s Specialist Business Overheads Insurance Adviser

NHS dentistry has historically been under pressure due to low staffing levels. But recent statistics from the British Dental Association (BDA) have revealed that this won’t be changing any time soon.

The BDA have revealed that 68% of NHS practices in England have reported recruitment troubles in the past year, with 58% of NHS dentists also considering leaving the service within the next five years – predominantly due to “low morale and motivation”.

In a business where a consistent staffing structure is key to ensuring UDA commitments are met and contracts maintained, protecting your business from staff absence or leave is essential to ensuring patients benefit from the usual high levels of service and satisfaction delivered by NHS Dentists.

Eddie Crouch, Vice Chairman of the BDA stated that the announcement is a ‘damning indictment of current policy that the dentists who go over and above with NHS cases are now paying the price in low morale.’

The impact of sickness and accident on NHS Dental Practices

The BDA’s findings depict an industry where 68% of the 1,212 NHS practices surveyed already face recruitment issues, and this is without taking into account sickness and accident of principals, associates and other staff integral to running a dental practice. Recently published data from NHS Digital showed a staff sickness absence rate of 3.99% as of September 2017, which highlights the additional risk to a business from a staffing perspective.

“Protection when you need it most”

There is however a trusted insurance product that can be utilised to provide your business with protection in the event of sickness and accident – Business Overheads Insurance.

The policy gives you with protection when you need it most, providing you with a safety net so you can continue trading when key members of staff are absent.

Absence comes in many forms – whether this is sickness, an accident, or personal circumstances such as a bereavement or period of suspension while under investigation, which can all be covered within your policy*.

If the statistics from the BDA are an accurate reflection of the industry as a whole, you may find it difficult to source cover internally for these absences.

Luckily, Business Overheads cover provides you with the reassurance that you can choose to either bring in external Locums, or staff cover internally. It boasts a flexible excess period, ranging from two to 26 weeks, so you can get the right amount of cover. And also offers the option to be taken out on a receipt-based, or benefit-based claims payment.

Other key features such as cover for Compassionate Leave, Suspension while under investigation, Jury Service and Travel Delay mean Business Overheads is a viable solution to life’s unplanned events that lead to staff absence.

Expert advice

Whether you are a sole-trader, or a multi-partner venture, the policy can be tailored and bespoke to your individual business needs. Our Specialist Business Overheads Adviser, Anmol Paul, is happy to answer any questions you may have.

For more information and expert advice on how Business Overheads could enhance the protection you have against unforeseen absences, please call our Specialist Advisor Anmol Paul on 01438 870 718, or email anmol.paul@miab.co.uk​.

*Terms and conditions of the policy apply.