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Primary Care Home Indemnity: Understanding the Considerations

Written by Tristan Lennox-Gentle, Director

As part of an innovative and co-ordinated approach to the delivery of primary care, there is a lot to consider as a Primary Care Home. Most of your strategy will be uncharted territory and throughout the journey of becoming a fully-fledged Primary Care Home, you will be presented with a number of new and potentially pivotal business decisions.

In this increasingly litigious society, no decision could be considered more significant than making sure you and your organisation are appropriately covered against the rising number and value of both speculative and legitimate negligence and malpractice claims. After all, the cost of inadequate indemnity cover can be millions of pounds for the affected business, so it is important that you give insurance the time and consideration it needs.

For many newly emerging organisations, there is a temptation to “stick to what you know”. This may mean that as long as you feel the GPs and nurses are adequately covered through one of the ‘three big’ Medical Defence Organisations (MDOs), that there is no need to do any more than check the indemnity is in place as part of your expanding business’ due diligence. At a practice level, you have come to trust your defence organisations and have always used them, so why would such an approach be incorrect or unjustified?

To answer this question, we have prepared a document briefly exploring two issues: discretion and the Discount Rate (sometimes known as the Ogden rate).

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