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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Covers legal costs, awards and settlements for any employment claims brought against you, and legal costs of representation at official employment investigations.

Protecting you and your business

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You are at least three times more likely to face an employee tribunal than have a fire claim and, generally, an employer will not recover the costs of defending any tribunal claim. This policy ensures your business and you are covered against claims made by existing and former employees.

This policy entitles you to expert legal help in the event of an investigation or claim made against you, and covers legal costs, awards and settlements, and legal costs of representation at official employment investigations.

Common claims and average awards

The table below provides an overview of common claims made against healthcare practices, and average awards excluding legal costs (employment tribunal stats 2014).

 Common claim  Average award
 Unfair dismissal  £11,813
 Sexual harassment/discrimination  £14,336
 Racial discrimination  £11,203
 Age discrimination  £18,801
 Disability discrimination  £14,502

Employment Practices Liability Helpline

The Helpline is free to policyholders and is operated by one of the country’s leading healthcare solicitors, Lockharts. The helpline can be used as a tool to assist in preventing employment challenges like disciplinary or grievance issues from turning into expensive and time consuming claims.

Unlike many legal expense covers there is no necessity to contact the helpline in order for the cover to operate. However, in the majority of employment claims, the excess will be removed where helpline advice has been obtained and followed.


  • No TUPE exclusions or restrictions – the policy defends breach of TUPE allegations without imposing conditions
  • Nil excess where helpline advice followed – this reduces your costs in the event of a claim
  • Any one claim limit –  the policy will respond to a series of large claims

Our expert advisers will help you choose the most suitable policy

We will discuss with you the factors you need to consider, such as limit levels.

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Key features include
  • Legal costs, awards and settlements for any employment claims brought against you or any past, present or future director officer or employee
  • Legal costs of representing any director officer or employee at an official employment investigation
  • Automatically includes all subsidiary companies including any subsidiaries acquired during the period of insurance
  • Claims arising from breaches of TUPE (transfer of undertakings protection of employment) legislation
  • Automatically includes 30 days cover on the same terms following a management buy-out
  • Civil fines and penalties included
  • Only knowledge of directors, human resources and legal applied to the company in the event of a claim
  • Definition of circumstance defined to not include routine employment disciplinary events and dismissals


Renewal time comes around so quickly but it was a simple and easy process. Given lots of time to review the renewal policy and ask any questions, which were answered very promptly. The price is very competitive too! Great service from a very good company!
- Lilian Borrows, Practice Manager, Sullivan Way Surgery