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Multiple Locum Claim: Neetside Surgery

There were no pregnant pauses when MIAB delivered on its Locum Insurance promises for one client with multiple maternity and paternity claims.

Neetside Surgery in Bude, Cornwall, was set-up in 2006 and was the first in the region for 10 years. Though only a small surgery comprising two partner GPs,  two part-time salaried GPs and 4,700 patients, in January 2015, the Surgery was the first in Cornwall to be rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC.

“I followed-up and compared what MIAB offered with my current provider, it was a no-brainer”

Melanie Chenoworth, Practice Manager

Originally with a large insurer, Practice Manager Melanie Chenoweth decided to look around for other options. “It was getting expensive to renew,” Melanie stated. “Someone recommended MIAB and when I followed-up and compared what MIAB offered with my current provider, it was a no-brainer.”

In 2015, three members of staff including two GPs, expected babies. “It all happened at once” Melanie told us, “babies in August, October, and December!” Whilst it was unusual, such an occurrence can have a big impact on a small practice. “GPs can do extra sessions, but we don’t have enough members of staff to take up the slack” said Melanie.

There were also other considerations to think about: “We’re geographically isolated and most of the Locums live quite a distance away, so it’s quite a challenge getting sessions filled” Melanie explained. As well as this, “When sessions do get filled by a Locum, travel expenses need to be added on top.”

However, Melanie found making the claim to MIAB reassuringly simple. “The process [was] incredibly easy and speedy. I emailed the claim, it was processed and forwarded on the next day. Then I received an email a few days later to say the money was in our account.”

“It was a very efficient, simple process. Everything that was needed from us was set-out in the beginning. It was very clear what was wanted.” Melanie also said that MIAB “exceeded my expectations. [I] thought there was going to be a catch, but there wasn’t. [It] really helped us as a small practice to keep afloat.”

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