MIAB offer comprehensive cover at a competitive price for GP Pharmacists

"General Practice pharmacy is a rewarding and diverse job with pharmacists and technicians providing a wide range of services and roles.

Dr Graham StretchI have been working in General Practice for over five years and during this period have developed a scope of practice including nursing home and domiciliary visits out of hours, undifferentiated diagnosis and independent telephone triage out of hours.

As an NHS England pilot lead, senior pilot pharmacist, CPPE clinical mentor and as Chair of the PCPA Nursing Home Group, I am aware of the anxiety caused to peers and colleagues by the lack of a ‘fit for purpose’ indemnity policy to comprehensively cover our expanding roles.

It had been very difficult to obtain indemnity cover for my activities at a satisfactory level until I was able to arrange my insurance with MIAB. I would recommend all general practice pharmacy professionals review their indemnity provision and consider carefully the available providers to ensure they have a policy that meets their needs and offers adequate cover.

MIAB offer comprehensive cover encompassing all of my roles within a single policy, at a competitive price, without undue restrictions and overly onerous paperwork to complete. I am delighted that a discount is available to PCPA full members and pleased to recommend MIAB to general practice colleagues."

For more information, please visit the Professional Indemnity cover for Pharmacists in General Practice webpage.

You can also download this testimonial as a PDF:

- Dr Graham Stretch, Senior Pharmacist. Ealing GP Federation & PCPA Care Home Group Chair. RPS Clinical Pharmacist of the Year 2016