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Surgery Insurance: Cheam Family Practice

At MIAB, we know it’s important to get your business back to usual as soon as possible. That’s why with one GP Practice, MIAB were able to process their claim within two-days.

Cheam Family Practice, based in Surrey, has had their Surgery Insurance with us since 2009. This year, the Practice Manager, Nick Cornish, contacted MIAB after he discovered a leak in a clinician’s room during one weekend. Luckily, they were able to work around the problem, however it still caused an inconvenience, and damage to flooring that needed to be addressed. 

“Hannah Wells was brilliant – very pleasant to deal with, her customer service was excellent. Express service was amazing! Thank you”

Nick Cornish, Practice Manager

“MIAB were really good” Nick told our Customer Relationship Executive, Katherine Baterip. “I was really impressed with the speed of the claim being processed. As soon as I sent in the quotes to MIAB I got a reply the same day, and an agreed pay-out the following day. All of our expectations were met [and] we were very pleased with the service.”

As well as a quick turnaround, we were able to support the Practice with a settlement of £980.15 from their chosen insurers, to help get their business back to normal again.

Please visit our Surgery Insurance page for more information on how we can help, and what we could offer you.

Alternatively, contact Abby Ingram, our Specialist Surgery Insurance Adviser on 01438 870706, or abby.thynne@miab.co.uk.